The Pen Tool

Raj- I want to learn about Pen extension available in the extension library.

Arun- Why not! Let’s start by following some steps.

Step 1- Add a sprite from sprite library.

Step 2- Go to extension and choose Pen.

Arun: This will add a pen menu to your project with different set of blocks.

Step 3- Go to motion menu drag out the  block. It shows that the sprite is at the center of the stage.

Step 4- Change value of  block to see the movement of sprite.

Step 5- Go to pen menu drag out the  block and place at it at top of  block. Click it to see what it does!

Step 6- Drag out block from the pen men.

Raj- Why?

Arun- It will erase the previous action you performed. So that your square form perfectly.

Raj- Okay!

Step 7- To make a square, you have to drag out more  blocks and set their values such that it will form a square.

Step 8- Go to pen menu and drag out  block at the top of the code. Click the code to see what it does!

Step 9- To make the square when clicked sprite. Drag out  event and place it at the top of code.

Arun- Whenever you click the sprite, the square will draw.

To erase the square or your pattern, go to the pen menu drag out block and place it below the code.