Game- ‘Apple Catcher’

Arun- As for now we have seen and understood about Scratch Basic terms, also about every block in Block palette. Now, you are ready to animate anything on Scratch.

Raj – I want to create a game will you help me?

Arun- Why not! What type of game you want to create?

Raj- I want to make a ‘Catching the Apple’ game.

Arun- Okay Raj Let’s start step wise.

Step 1: Choose the sprites, an Apple and a Bowl from the Sprites library.

Step 2: Choose a perfect Background for your game.

Raj- I have selected everything you asked for.

Arun- Good!

Step 3: Drag out the blocks and snap them together as shown in the Bowl sprite.

Raj- What will happen from this script?

Arun- This script is for bowl movement. As you can see, to fix the position of bowl X coordinate is 0 and Y coordinate is set to some value. After that the bowl is controlled by the mouse using Mouse’s X coordinates.

Raj- Oh! The bowl is moving with the mouse-pointer.

Arun- Correct!

Step 4: In the Apple sprite, drag out these blocks and snap it together.


Raj- First script is to set the size of Apple sprite, can you explain further scripts?

Arun- As for this game we need so many apples, for that we created clones of apple and allow to pick random apples in the stage area.

Raj- Now so many apples are appearing in the stage, but they are not falling.

Arun- To make them fall, follow the next step.

Step 5: Drag out repeat until blocks and snap them together.

Step 6: Click the green flag.

Raj- The apple start falling.

Arun- To move forward create a variable.

Step 7: Click on make a variable and name as “Apple catched”

Step 8: Drag out blocks and snap them together.


Step 9: Click on the green flag.

Arun- As you can see, the bowl is collecting the apples, and simultaneously the counting is increasing.

Raj- Hence the game is running.