The Calculator

 Step 1: Create a new sprite by choosing to paint a sprite.

Step 2: Start coding the sprite.

Raj- This code displays the box on the screen asking the same question.

Arun- Correct! Now move further to answer the question.

Step 3: Now add conditional statements to perform basic calculations.

Step 4: To get the numbers, create variables by clicking on make a variable.

Move to next.

Arun- Create three variables as first and second number and a result variable.

Raj- Okay.

Step 5: Code for Addition operation.

Step 6: Similarly, code for Subtraction, Multiplication and Division.


Step 7: Click on green flag.

Step 8: Store values to first and second number and see the answer as stored in result on the screen.

Arun- Hence the Calculator is created.

Raj- Wow! this was very interesting.