In this lesson, we will be discussing operators commands with the help of Arun and Raj.

Arun- Let’s start with these commands which will be helpful for performing mathematical equations.

Raj- These are to be used as conditions in conditional statements.

Arun- Correct.

Now start with block. This block joins the two statements.

Raj- How?

Arun- Click on it.

Arun- Similarly, next is block. Click on it to see what it does.

Raj- This block tells us about the specific letter, according to our input.

Arun- Good. Next is block.

Raj- I can tell, this block gives the length of the character written.

Arun- You are right. Let’s move to the next block which is  block.

Raj- What this block does?

Arun- It checks that the first parameter’s character contains the second parameter’s text in it or not.


Raj- This is a conditional statement.

Arun- Yes! Let’s apply these blocks with other conditional blocks such as ,  and  blocks.

Raj- How Arun?

Arun- Drag out blocks and place them as shown.

Arun- As you can see, we are using  block, which means the condition is true only when both the statements should be true otherwise false.

Raj- One of the statements is false that is why else condition is executed.

Arun- Correct! Similarly, you can replace  block with  block.

Raj- Now if any one statement will be true than whole condition also be true.

Arun- Correct!

Arun- Now replace block with block and use  block, select another sprite from the drop-down list.

Raj- Not means when this given condition is not true.

Arun- Correct! Click on green flag.

Raj- As the condition is true the sprite’s costume changed.

Arun- Yes! Now we will discuss about ,  and  blocks.

Raj- Okay.

Arun- Use  block and place  block as a comparing condition as shown. Click on green flag.

Raj- I am writing ‘Knowledge’ in the place of apple in  block and changing value of  block.

Arun- Length is same as the given value so the condition is true.

Raj- I got it Arun!

Arun- Similarly, you can useand blocks in place of   block.

Raj- On clicking the green flag, in block, the condition is true so costume changes and in block, the condition is false so backdrop changes.

Arun- Correct! There are some basic mathematical operation blocks such as , , and  blocks.

Raj- These blocks perform basic operations.

Arun- Correct!

Arun- Can be used a condition in conditional commands such as

Raj- Here the condition will be true so costume of fish will get changed.

Arun- Right!

Raj- These operator blocks are very helpful to make the project. What is the next block?

Arun- Next block is  block. This block picks any random value between the two given values.

Raj- Every time on clicking shows different value.

Arun- Now the next block is  block, this block gives the remainder between the two given values.

Raj- It can take decimal value also.

Arun- Yes! Now move to next block which is  block. This block will round off the values.

Raj- What  block will do?

Arun- This last block performs various functions. Select from the drop-down list.

Raj- I am choosing square root function.

Arun- Okay! Write the value and click on it.




Arun- I hope you have understood purpose of each block. Next time we will discuss about how to create variable and new block.