Story-‘The Lion and The Mouse’

Arun- Raj, I am sure you have heard a story about “The Lion and the Mouse”.

Raj- Yes, Arun. But why are you asking this?

Arun- Because we will animate that story using Scratch.

Raj- Oh great! Let’s start.

Arun- We have to follow the following steps.

Step1: Click on paint a sprite and write the title of the story.

Step 2: Code the title sprite by dragging out the blocks and snap them together.

Step 3: Choose a Lion sprite from the sprite library.

Step 4: Drag out the blocks and snap them together in Lion’s scripting area.


Step 5: Click on paint a sprite.

Step 6: Code this sprite by dragging out the blocks and snap them together.


Raj- Why to make an empty sprite?

Arun- This sprite is use for narration of story, we only code here the narration part of the story.

Raj- Okay.

Arun- Now move to the next step.

Step 7: Again, choose the lion sprite.

Step 8: Open the costume of the sprite and edit the lion as sleeping lion.

Step 9: Code the sprite by snapping these blocks together.


Step 10: Now choose a backdrop from the backdrop library, let’s say “woods”.

Step 11: Code the backdrop.

Step 12: Choose another sprite “ mouse” from the sprite library.

Step 13: Code the sprite as shown.


Step 14: Now upload a sprite of Hunter.

Step 15: Code the sprite Hunter.

Step 16: Click on paint a sprite.

Step 17: Draw a net in the painting area.

Step 18: Code the net sprite.

Step 19: Copy the previous net sprite and click on the paint a sprite and paste the net sprite. With the help of eraser, erase some part of net.

Step 20: Code this sprite.

Step 21: Again, add a new sprite by clicking on the paint a sprite.

Step 22: Write ‘The End’. In the painting area.

Step 23: Code the new sprite.

Step 24: Click on the green flag.

Raj- The story narration was amazing.

Arun- See how simple it is to create a story in Scratch. Similarly, you can animate so many stories using this platform.