Introduction to Operators Blocks

Operators blocks are one of the ten categories of Scratch blocks. They are color-coded light-green and are used to script math equations and string handling. There are currently 18 Operators blocks: 7 Boolean blocks and 11 Reporter blocks.

Scratch 3.0 has the following seven Operators Boolean blocks:

  • — The condition for checking if a value is less than the other.

  • — The condition for checking if two values are equal.

  • — The condition for checking if a value is greater than the other.

  • — True if both conditions are true.

  • — True if either condition is true.

  • — Makes the condition checked if it is false, not true, or true, not false.

  • — Checks if the first parameter’s text contains the second parameter’s text — if it does, the block returns true.

Scratch 3.0 has the following eleven Operators Reporter blocks:

  • — The value of the addition.

  • — The value of the subtraction.

  • — The value of the multiplication.

  • — The value of the division.

  • — Picks a random number between the two limits.

  • — The two values put right next to each other.

  • — The specified character of the value.

  • — The length of the value.

  • — The remainder of the division.

  • — Rounds the value to the nearest whole number.

  • — The absolute value (abs), square root (sqrt), sine (sin), cosine (cos), tangent (tan), asine (asin), acosine (acos), atangent (atan), natural logarithm (ln), logarithm (log), exponential function (e^), or base 10 exponential function (10^) of a specified value.

Right-clicking some of the blocks will yield more choices of their type.