Project: Theft Alarm

Theft alarm

Let’s see one more project in which we can see the application of an IR sensor block. 

Component Required :

The components required for the project are: 

  • Power block – 1

  • Power Junction – 1

  • IR sensor – 1

  • NOT Gate – 1

  • Buzzer – 1

  • Bright LED – 1

  • CT2 – 8

  • Gray plate -1

  • Power bank – 1

  • USB to DC jack – 1

Circuit Connection :

Now let’s start with the circuit part.  

  • First take the Power block.

  • Attach an IR Sensor block to it. 

  • Join a NOT gate block to the IR sensor block using a Power junction block as shown in the figure. 

  • Now add a Buzzer block and the Bright LED block. 

  • Make sure your circuit looks exactly the same as shown in the figure. Now place the “Parking Buzzer” board on the Circuit.

  • Supply the Power to the circuit using the Power bank and USB to DC Jack. 

  • Turn the Slide switch ON of the Power block.

Now to test the circuit. Hover your hand over the IR sensor and see if the buzzer and Bright LED turn ON. You can change the distance using the knob.