Project: Fastest Finger First

Fastest Finger First

Let‘s try to make a similar Quiz Game Buzzer Circuit using our Kit. 

Component Required :

In this project we require: 

  • Power -1

  • Pushbutton -1

  • Buzzer -1

  • Grey Plate-1

  • CT2 -6

  • Power Bank -1

  • USB to DC jack -1]

Circuit Connection :

Let’s start with the circuit. 

  • Take the Power block and add a Pushbutton to it. 

  • Join an LED and then a buzzer at the end of the Pushbutton.

  • Now attach 6 CT2 at the bottom of each block. Make sure you attach the CT2 in all the holes. 

  • Now place the Blocks on the Gray plate.

  • Attach a power bank with the USB to DC Jack. 

  • Lastly, turn the slide switch ON of the Power block.

  • Place the doorbell design on the top of the circuit. 

  • Our Quiz game buzzer is ready. Press the Pushbutton to see if the buzzer goes off along with the LED. 

Do it yourself :

Make multiple quiz game buzzer circuits and play quiz games with your friends.  You can also use this similar circuit as a “Doorbell”.