Project: Parallel Connection of POT and Switch

Parallel connection of Potentiometer and Switch

Let’s see in the below project how a parallel connection works. 

In this project, let’s try to control a LED and a Buzzer in a parallel connection.

Component Required:

Components required for this project are: 

  • Power block – 1

  • Power junction – 1

  • Push Button – 1

  • Potentiometer – 1

  • Bright LED – 1

  • Buzzer -1

  • Power bank – 1

  • USB to DC jack – 1

Circuit Connection:

Now let’s start with the circuit. 

  • First, take the power block and join a Power junction.

  • Now plug two Pushbutton into the power junction and one Buzzer to it as shown.

  • Now add a POT and Bright LED to the other end of Power junction.

  • At last attach the CT2 connector at the bottom of all the Mini PCBs.

  • And mount the circuit on the Gray plate.

Let’s try the circuit. 

  • Turn ON the power supply. 

  • You will see that You can only control the Buzzer with the Pushbutton and POT will only control the Bright LED.

  • This is how a parallel connection works. 

Do it yourself :

Try replacing the Bright LED with the Buzzer and motor and see what happens.