Integrated Circuit

An integrated circuit (IC), sometimes called a chip or microchip, is a semiconductor wafer on which a thousand or millions of tiny resistors, capacitors, and transistors are fabricated. An IC can be a function as an amplifier, oscillator, timer, counter, computer memory, or microprocessor. An exact IC is categorized as either linear (analog) or digital depending on its future application.


The advantages of the integrated circuits include the following.

  • Small size

  • Power consumption is less

  • Reliability

  • Less cost

  • Less weight

  • Replacement can be done very easily

  • More consistent

  • Improved operating speed & performance

  • It operates at high temperatures

  • Appropriate for small signal operation


The disadvantages of the integrated circuits include the following.

  • The integrated circuit handles simply a limited amount of power.

  • operation & less noise are not simply obtained.

  • Delicate

Applications of Integrated Circuits

The applications of an IC’s includes the following

  • Radar

  • Wristwatches

  • Televisions

  • Juice Makers

  • PC

  • Video Processors

  • Audio Amplifiers

  • Memory Devices

  • Logic Devices


An operational amplifier is an integrated circuit that can amplify weak electric signals. An operational amplifier has two input pins and one output pin. Its basic role is to amplify and output the voltage difference between the two input pins.

An operational amplifier is almost never used alone. By connecting resistors or capacitors, you can configure a circuit capable of the signal amplification, filtering or arithmetic circuit operations.

Voltage Regulator IC 7805

All voltage sources cannot able to give fixed output due to fluctuations in the circuit. For getting constant and steady output, the voltage regulators are implemented. The integrated circuits which are used for the regulation of voltage are termed as voltage regulator ICs. Here, we can discuss the IC 7805.

This is actually a member of the 78xx series of voltage regulator ICs. The xx present in 78xx represents the value of the fixed output voltage that the particular IC provides. For 7805 IC, it is +5V DC regulated power supply. This regulator IC also adds a provision for a heat sink. This IC can give a constant 5V for any value of input less than or equal to 35V which is the threshold limit.