How to do coding in Tinkercad


Steps to do coding in Tinkercad

1. Click the code editor button to open the coding panel.

2. The coding panel has different sections of code. We will be using code blocks in the Output section. Drag the set pin code onto the coding canvas.

3. This code block includes a PIN and a state. The PIN references the connector we used to send current to on the Breadboard. This code block has two arguments.

Change the pin to 13. The second argument has two states. A state has one of two options. A state can be on or off. The state is set to high. A high state is the same as ON. The other option is a LOW state. This is the same as OFF. Computers read everything as either ON or OFF.

4. Now, Click the Control code block category and look for the wait code block. Place the wait code block below the set pin code block. The wait argument is set to one second. Leave the argument at this value. Go back to the Output code block category. Place another set pin code block onto the canvas below the wait code block

5. Set the pin value to 13 and the state too low to turn off the LED and then again put a wait block after set block

6.Now, click to start simulation button to test the circuit and code.

So, the you will see that LED will start blinking or LED will glow for 1 second and then turn off for 1 second.

Simulation Result