STEM Gravity

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Innova8 Stem Gravity: Empowering students with electronics, programming to create complex Arduino projects using an easy Plug & Play kit with Block Coding”


The Stem Gravity Kit is a plug-and-play-based kit to enables students to make complex Arduino-based projects which not only enables beginners to get started but also experts who want to rapidly test out innovative projects in the shortest amount of time. The kit is a wonderful mix of plug-and-play input devices, output devices, and a range of sensors. The onboard display and intuitive plug-and-play system make the hardware connections a wonderful and productive experience. Using the GUI and IDE programming software you get to learn both Hardware and software in a robust ready-to-use package.

Features of Product
1. Beginner-friendly kit with an intuitive plug & play procedure
2. Learn about the basics of programming, electronics & embedded systems.
3. All connections are so user-friendly even a beginner can learn fast and become an expert.
4. Robust materials used to improve the life of the kit
5. A mix of creativity, electronics, circuits, and programming.

What included in this
1. Acrylic Casing
2. Main Controller
3. Input devices like buttons, sensors, etc.
4. Output devices like led, buzzers, motors, a display device, etc.
5. Connecting wires and programming cable
6. Manual

This needs to be discussed with the team in terms of what are we planning to include in the final PCB controller with sensors, input, output and display devices, etc.


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