Soldering Ninja

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  • Complete solution to enable the students towards DIY Soldering Mastery. Progressively the students will learn to make real-world electronic projects.


The soldering Ninja kit is a must-have electronics kit for all passionate makers and innovators. The students will learn all the essential skills to master the art of soldering by making really basic circuits like a night lamp all the way to complex circuits like a piano. The kit comes equipped with all the PCBs, electronics components, soldering iron, and all related accessories to start your soldering journey. Let’s solder and bring your ideas to reality.


Features of Product

1. The Innova8 Soldering Kit includes everything you need to get started with soldering projects and create your own electronic circuits and experiments.
2. It is an extensive starter kit that includes 6+ unique PCBs and detailed instructions to progress from the basic to advanced level soldering projects.
3. All components are high-quality and the kit is also very compact, you can take it anywhere, with all the necessary components to carry out any project.

What’s included in this

1. Corechamp Soldering PCBs
2. LEDs
3. Buzzer
4. Resistor
5. Capacitor
6. Light Sensor
7. Battery Power Supply
8. Jumper Cables
9. Soldering Iron
10. Desoldering Pump
11. Soldering Wire
12. Flux
13. Safety Glasses
14. Gloves
15. Safety Mask


1. Door-Bell
2. Blinking Eye
3. Torch Light
4. Automatic Lamp
5. Vibro Insect
6. Number Display
7. Mini Piano


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