Paper Circuit Lite

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“Learn and have fun with Paper Circuits. Easily create low-voltage circuits with conductive tape and LEDs. A creative & educational way to explore electronics.”


The Paper Circuit Lite kit is all about making circuits with conductive tape and LEDs. Creating these circuits is great for all ages and it’s not only fun to do but it’s educational and really easy to learn. A paper circuit is a low-voltage electric circuit that is created on paper or cardboard using conductive copper tape, LEDs, and a power supply such as a coin-cell battery. In addition to LEDs, you can also add switches, buzzers, and motors to make your circuit more interactive. This project is a great way to learn about electricity or just make a light-up greeting card for your mom. Now it’s time to learn by doing and create a paper circuit.


Features of Product

1. You can make many different paper-based projects that light up in cool and surprising ways when you learn circuitry basics using LEDs, copper tape, and coin cell batteries.
2. Have fun and get creative to light up your world however you want!
3. By combining aesthetics and basic electronics you can create projects like greeting cards, origami, and traditional art such as paintings or drawings.
4. Lighting a LED is one of the first things in electronics. When you see how that works, a whole new world suddenly will open up for you.

What included in this

5 Stencils



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