Kiddy Bot 4 Wheel

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  • Multi-Feature 4 Wheel Robotics with Plug-n- Play Child-Friendly Electronics System.
    The Soccer Playing, Art Making & Balloon Bursting Modular Joystick Controlled Robot Friend. Welcome to the world of 4 Wheeled Robots


KIDDY Robot 4 Wheel is an intermediate-level, multi-feature Robotics kit to progress learning in the field of wheeled robotics. You will also learn the skills to assemble a 4 Wheel bot, attach motors, and joystick, and finally prepare yourself for the robotics future. The kit allows you to transport objects, make art and explore the world. Welcome to the World of Intelligent Machines, Let’s make human lives enjoyable!

Features of Product

1. Child-friendly kit with an intuitive assembly procedure
2. Learn about the basic component of a wheeled robot
3. Fun add-ons like robotic soccer, Art-Bot & Balloon Burst Bot
4. Robust materials used to improve the life of the kit
5. A mix of creativity, art, electronics, circuits & robotics

What included in this

1. Precut 4wheel Robot Assembly Parts
2. Plug and Play PCB
3. Soccer bot addon
4. ART-BOT addon
5. Balloon burst addon
6. Accessories – sketch pen, balloons, plastic ball, screws and nuts, motors, Mainboard + Joystick
7. Manual


1. 4-wheel navigation robots.
2. Soccer robot
3. Artbot
4. Balloon burst robot


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