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  • Portable USB Microscope Kit to Explore the Unseen Micro World. 25 Ready to use slides to help students to discover the Micro-World & develop technologies to improve our lives and the health of the planet.


The Microscope Kit will allow the students to observe the world @1000x zoom and enable them to investigate the details of everyday objects like Plants, Clothes, Jewellery, Circuits, Coins, and many more with the power of Built-in Bright LED and USB Compatibility. The kit lets you use the content on both mobile and computer platforms.


Feature of Product

1. Multifunctions of USB Digital Microscope: USB Digital Microscope is perfect for inspection of skin/hair/textile/jewelry/collections/ industrial/print inspection and education purposes or other biological inspection, which is useful and funny for kids, students, engineers, inventors, and others.
2. High-Quality Resolution & Easy to Use: Our upgrade USB microscope offers an HD 1080p 40X-1000x Resolution ratio with smoother focus wheel movement and an independent button to capture images.
3. This USB digital microscope is compatible with cellphones, desk computers, laptops, and Mac computers including Windows Visa xp/7/8/10, Mac 10.5 or later, and Android 4.2 or later.

What included in this

1. Digital Microscope
2. 25 Slide Samples
3. User Manual


1. Plant Life Inspection
2. Insect Life Inspection
3. Clothes Inspection
4. Electronics Inspection
5. Jewelry Inspection and many more!

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 90 × 60 × 25 cm


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