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  • Build your own VR Headset Projects & Augmented Reality Projects. Get ready for an amazing deep dive to create your own VR & AR Experiences in the comfort of your home, school, or community maker spaces.


With the help of the DIY Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Kit you can learn about the working principle of a VR Headset, how VR Lenses work, and how to build your own VR Headset. You not only learn how to build your own VR Headset but also learn how to create Interactive & Programmable VR Environments using development software. You will also understand the working principle of Augmented Reality Technology while making your own AR Cube & create multiple Augmented Reality Experiences like Museums, Video Games, Stories, and endless & imagination fuelled possibilities.

Features of Product

1. Learn how VR Technology works
2. Explore the physics & working principle of the special VR Lenses
3. Understand how to make your own VR Headset
4. Program your own VR Experiences
5. Learn how AR Technology works
6. Understand how to create & program your own AR Experiences
7. Program your own AR Experiences
8. Students can make their own VR & AR Projects even if they are absolute beginners to the world of coding.

What included in this

1. VR headset building kit
2. VR Headset lens
3. Velcro Headstraps
4. AR Cube Building Kit
5. Scissors
6. Cello Tape
7. Fewiquik
8. Fevicol
9. Box Cutter
10. Paint & Brush Kit


1. Make your own VR Headset
2. VR & AR Museum
3. VR & AR Storytelling
4. VR & AR Physics Engine
5. VR & AR Quiz
6. VR & AR Video Game


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