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“Elevate your AI, Computer Vision, and IoT projects with the Innova8 AI Commander Kit. Master C++ and Python to create AI Robots using ESP-Cam.


AI Commander Kit is an advanced-level AI, Computer Vision & IoT Embedded Hardware kit to empower and enable you to create cutting-edge AI + IoT Projects like Webserver Creation, Social Media Integration, Color Detection, Object Detection, etc. You will also learn the skills to program in C++ & Python to create AI Robots using ESP-Cam. Welcome to the World of Open Source AI, Unleash the Future!

Features of Product

1. The AI Commander includes everything you need to get started with Artificial Intelligence, OpenCV & Python project-based experiments.
2. It is an extensive starter kit that includes an AI Vision PCB, Internet Connectivity and Control, a variety of sensors, and modules with detailed instructions for 8+ Projects to get started with Artificial Intelligence Projects.
3. All components are high-quality and the kit is also very compact, you can take it anywhere, with all the necessary components to carry out any project.

What’s included in this

1. AI Vision Cam Module
2. 3-cell Battery
3. Breadboard
4. FTDI Module
5. Motion Sensor
6. Patch Antenna
7. Type Mini-B Programming Cable
8. SD-Card Reader
9. Jumper Cables
10. Mini Car Chassis
11. Motor Driver Module
12. Power Bank
13. Resistance
14. SD-Card
15. Transistor
16. Motors with Wheels


1. Surveillance AI Vehicle
2. Real-Time Color Detection
3. The image capturing using Switch
4. Image-based Web Surveillance
5. Motion Detection & Image Capturing
6. Telegram Picture Sending Bot
7. Object Detection & Identification
8. AI Object Counting System
9. World-wide Video Streaming and many more!


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