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  • Explore Farmer Challenges & Program Innovative Agritech IoT Dashboard Projects. This Kit contains several sensors to make IoT based projects like Plant Watering Systems, detect rain, flame, humidity, air, temp, soil etc


“Smart Farming is an emerging concept that involves managing farms with modern Information and Communication Technologies to enhance product quantity and quality while optimizing human labor. Innova8’s IoT Agritech kit includes various sensors for monitoring plant health, air quality, rain detection, flame detection, humidity, temperature, soil moisture, and automatic plant watering systems. It shares all the data with your mobile phone, empowering students to explore and contribute to the agriculture sector through the IoT Agritech Kit.”

Features of Product

1. The IoT Agritech Kit includes everything you need to get started with smart farming and agriculture-based projects and experiments.
2. It is an extensive starter kit that includes a plug-and-play PCB, Internet Connectivity and Control, a variety of agritech sensors, and modules with detailed instructions for 10+ Projects to get started with Agriculture Technology Projects.
3. All components are high-quality and the kit is also very compact, you can take it anywhere, with all the necessary components to carry out any project.

What’s included in this

1. Plug and Play IoT Agritech Shield & Controller PCB
2. Programming Cable
3. Drip Irrigation Kit
4. Water Pump
5. Wi-Fi Module
6. Soil Moisture Sensor
7. Rain Sensor
8. Temperature & Humidity Sensor
9. Soil Sensor
10. Fire Sensor
11. Display Module
12. DC Power Adapter
13. Agritech Shield
14. J-Tag Connectors


1. Rain Detection System
2. Fire Detection System
3. Soil Moisture Detection
4. Water Pump System
5. Weather Station System
6. IoT Based on Fire Detection
7. IoT Based on Rain Monitoring
8. IoT Controlled Water Pump System and more!

Additional information

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Dimensions 90 × 60 × 2.5 cm


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