Aeromodelling Kit

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  • Learn the Physics of Flight and Build your own Airplanes. Explore the role of the airplane parts, tune for performance & go airborne!


Aeromodelling Wizard Kit is a beginner-level, assemblable aeromodelling kit to get started with the world of airplanes and flight dynamics. You will also learn the skills to assemble the airplane, tune the parts, check the center of gravity, and finally prepare yourself for airplane takeoff. Using our kit the students will find very exciting and interesting ways to learn, apply and understand science and engineering principles & flight dynamics. Welcome to the World of Aeromodelling, Let’s make flying machines!

Features of Product

1. Child-friendly kit with an intuitive assembly procedure
2. Learn about the basic component of an airplane
3. Learn about the forces of flight
4. Balsa wood is imported and lightweight wood, and you can draw on it too!
5. A mix of creativity, art, assembly & aerodynamics.

What’s included in this?

1. Precut Aeroplane Assembly Parts
2. Adhesive
3. Clay for weight balancing
4. Airplane Building Manual


1. Paper Plane
2. TinyTot
3. Hunter
4. Butterfly
5. Parachute Man


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