3D Pen Kit

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  • Make Amazing Multicolor 3D Models with the 3D Pen Kit. Master the concept of 2D & 3D Shapes and convert your Imagination into Real 3D Models.


The 3D pen for professionals works like a hand-held version of a desktop 3d printer. The features of this 3D shape are possible. It features a Fast boot setup in just 30 seconds. You can draw and create quickly. This kit contains 10 DIY stencil cards to draw different structures like butterflies, robots, bicycles, glasses, and many more. The 3D pen Kit allows you to draw freehand in 3 dimensions. In this kit, just plug in the pen, insert your plastic, and wait for it to heat up, then you can doodle in three dimensions. The extruded heated plastic hardens almost instantly, so you can draw 3-D structures, freehand or on stencils.

This 3D pen comes with different colors of plastics, which are all safe and non-toxic, and an activity guidebook to get you started. In this kit, there is no need to use software to 3D model, no need to use a slicing engine/code generator, and most of all, no need for a 3D printer! This is a perfect gift for children to improve their thinking ability and develop creative imaginations.

Features of Product

1. Enter the world of 2D & 3D Design
2. The child-friendly device, easy to use
3. No need to buy a costly 3D Printer, 3D Pen will help your child understand the fundamentals of 3D Design & Printing
4. Multicolor filaments help the child make multicolor models.
5. mEco-friendly filament material
6. Multiple stencil cards to help the child get started with 2D & 3D Design
7. LMS with PPTs, Video Tutorials, Quizzes, Assessments, competitions & Rewards

What included in this

1. Pen Holder
2. 3D Pen
3. Power Adapter
4. Filaments
5. Stencils


1. Apple
2. Bicycle
3. Butterfly
4. Eiffel Tower
5. Fish
6. Glasses
7. Ice-cream
8. Robot
9. Rose
10. Spaceship


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