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Welcome to the world of paper circuits – creating electronic projects directly on paper using simple components! The Corechamp Paper Circuits Kit teaches the basics and fundamentals of creating an electric circuit for the whole class without the need to solder or code a single thing!


Using the provided templates, strips of copper tape, coin cell batteries, and multiple colors of LEDs to choose from, the Corechamp Paper Circuits Kit provides you with 15 fun and informative stencils that should only take between ten to 20min to assemble! No previous electronics experience is required.

What you’ll learn?

  • What is Electricity?
  • Explore the concept of conductors and insulators.
  • Understand the definition & fundamentals of Circuits.
  • Learn about current flow through various input and output devices.
  • Investigate the working of sensors through smart paper circuits.
  • Learn to make 15 basic to advanced-level paper circuits.

Course Includes:

  • 3 Levels in total – Learner, Consumer & Creator
  • 15+ Activities
  • Full-time access.
  • Easy access on mobile and laptops
  • Certificate on completion


  • No prior Knowledge required
  • Interest in learning new technologies
  • The Corechamp 3D Paper Circuits Kit is mandatory.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for Young Students, Tinkers, Educators, Teachers, and anyone who wants to learn about Paper Circuits Technology & its features and wants to make their own Paper Circuit projects.

About this course

If you are unfamiliar, a paper circuit is a functioning electronic circuit built on a paper surface instead of a PCB. Projects can range from greeting cards to origami, to traditional art such as paintings or drawings. What makes them unique is the use of traditional fine art techniques to create a circuit that combines aesthetics and functionality. Paper circuits are becoming more and more popular in the hobby electronics world. The easy availability of craft-like materials and increasing abundance of new products have created a really unique ecosystem for crafters looking to make the leap to electronics projects.

The student will understand the electronics and circuits as they move from the beginner level to the creator level. As they progress through the course they will learn the basics of input & output devices. Finally, the course concludes with the Grand Design Challenge, more details on the same can be found in our LMS.

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Deepak Garg
Posted 1 year ago

I have learned a lot from basic Electronics complete circuit making, Really Awesome Course

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