Creating a BOM With a ULP

Autodesk EAGLE ships with ULPs that add extended functionality to your design tool. One of these ULPs is a BOM tool which will automatically generate a BOM based on the parts you placed in your schematic design. Here’s how to create this:


  1. Open your schematic (.sch) file from the Autodesk EAGLE Control Panel.
  2. Next, select the ULP run-icon tool at the top of your interface and choose the bom.ulp file in the list of available ULPs.



    The bom.ulp file should show up at the top of your list after selecting the ULP tool in Autodesk EAGLE.

  3. You should now be looking at the EAGLE: Bill of Material dialog. From here you can see all of the parts you placed on your schematic and their associated data. You’ll now want to choose your Output format and then select the Save… button.