EAGLE Commands and their Meanings

Change Mode/File Commands

EDITLoad/create library element
WRITESave drawing/library
OPENOpen library for editing
CLOSEClose library after editing
EXPORTGenerate ASCII list (e.g. netlist)
SCRIPTExecute command file
USELoad library for placing elements
REMOVEDelete files/library elements

Create/Edit Drawings or Libraries

ARCDraw arc
CIRCLEDraw circle
POLYGONDraw polygon
RECTDraw rectangle
WIREDraw line or routed track
TEXTAdd text to a drawing
ADDAdd element to drawing/symbol to device
COPYCopy objects/elements
GROUPDefine group for upcoming operation
CUTCut prev. defined group
PASTEPaste prev. cut group to a drawing
DELETEDelete objects
MIRRORMirror objects
MOVEMove or rotate objects
ROTATERotate objects
NAMEName object
VALUEEnter/change value for component
SMASHPrepare NAME/VALUE text for moving
SPLITBend wires/lines (tracks, nets, etc.)
LAYERCreate/change layer

Special Commands for Boards

SIGNALDefine signal (air line)
ROUTERoute signal
RIPUPRipup routed track (a whole signal)
DELETERipup routed track (one segment)
VIAPlace via-hole
HOLEPlace hole (without conducting material)
RATSNESTShow shortest air lines
REPLACEReplace component
DRCPerform design rule check
ERRORSShow DRC errors

Special Commands for Schematics

NETDefine net
BUSDraw bus line
JUNCTIONPlace connection point
INVOKEAdd certain ‘gate’ from a placed device
LABELProvide label to bus or net
GATESWAPSwap equivalent ‘gates’
PINSWAPSwap equivalent pins
ERCPerform electrical rule check
BOARDCreate a board from a schematic

Special Commands for Libraries

RENAMERename symbol/package/device
CONNECTDefine pin/pad assignment
PACKAGEDefine package for device
PREFIXDefine default prefix for device
VALUEDefine if value text can be changed
PADAdd pad to a package
SMDAdd smd pad to a package
PINAdd pin to a symbol
HOLEDefine non-conducting hole
REMOVEDelete library elements

Change Screen Display and User Interface

WINDOWChoose screen window
DISPLAYDisplay/hide layers
ASSIGNAssign keys
CHANGEChange parameters
GRIDDefine grid/unit
MENUConfigure command menu
SETSet program parameters

Miscellaneous Commands

AUTOStart Autorouter
HELPShow help page
INFOShow information about object
MARKSet/remove mark (for measuring)
OPTIMIZEOptimize (join) wire segments
RUNRun User Language Program
SHOWHighlight object
UNDOUndo commands
REDORedo commands
PRINTPrint to the system printer
UPDATEUpdate library objects